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why do people make viruses like why do you have to be an asshole

because it is test of how good you are, and because it is an interesting distraction from the boringness of life. and because computer security is just so absolutely fucked. it’s fucked so hard and in so many ways. I cannot even begin to explain how much of the Internet is held together by the digital equivalent of 5,000 pounds of duct tape. I’m not a malware author but I’m like a lot of those who are. I like to tinker with systems. I don’t like being told what I can and can’t do on a computer, or in life. now, I can’t control what happens to me in my life, but I sure as hell control what happens on my computer. for some, a virus is just a way of expressing creativity. they made the computer so something clever. they tinkered with it like you would tinker with a car engine. I’m not defending malware authors but I’m not condemning them either. yes, it’s true that some are genuinely evil people. criminals. but keep in mind that a lot of them aren’t, really. they’re just bored. we all get bored. it’s not our fault if society doesn’t like who we are. it’s not our fault if we’re too different to ‘fit in’. and it’s not our fault if society, or we, won’t accept creativity any other way than tinkering. it’s in our nature.